Scalar Energy Pendant

Our main product the ''Scalar Energy Pendent'' was emerged keeping in view the concept of scalar energy. Let us introduce you with the concept of scalar energy. This incredible scientific discovery was happened a few decades ago narrating completely new kind of electromagnetic waves that exist in the empty spaces between cells of the human body. These new waves of energy are called ''longitudinal'' EM (electromagnetism). Scientifically when two common electromagnetic waves come together from two different angels and the energy vectors meet the equal frequencies; cancel each other leaving a stationary energy called the zero point energy. This energy can heal the body in various ways. Based on this theory, we have developed various products that help to reduce the negative effects of the radiations around us.
Since the scalar energy products have gained incredible popularity, there are many business grabbers who are producing low quality products in the market. Beware of them. Milestone is one of the firms introducing genuine and pure products. Let us help you to restore your body energy through use of our valued products.

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